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HeavenDoor Tennesse 10years Straight


Heaven Door’s 10-year aged Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged to palate perfection and bottled at 90 proof. Its rich flavor of maple, caramel and vanilla with a smooth, deep-brown hue is unmistakable.

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This Bourbon Whiskey is a different product than the previous 90 Proof Bourbon product. It is a limited bottling that has been matured for 10 years in charred American Oak barrels, then filtered through sugar maple charcoal.  HeavenDoor Tennesse 10years Straight has a deep amber color with aromas of rich caramel and toasted oak that lead to intense notes of butterscotch, dark chocolate, and spice on the palate.

This small batch whiskey has a deep, rich, and smoky finish and is an enjoyable sipping whiskey. Celebrating 10 years of distilling excellence, Heaven’s Door showcases a masterful blend of aged, straight bourbons that deliver a smooth and robust experience. This distinctive whiskey is deep amber in color with complex and layered flavors, including notes of cinnamon and vanilla that coexist beautifully with the oak, malt and caramel.

The finish is structured and full-bodied, with oak, baking spice and black pepper present throughout. Offering an elevated drinking experience from Bob Dylan himself, this whiskey can be served on the rocks or enjoy in one of these classic cocktails. HeavenDoor Tennesse 10years Straight Whiskey is aged 10 years and sourced from multiple distilleries from across America’s Bourbon belt.

The Bourbon is then mellowed in smooth American Oak barrels before finishing in new toasted oak barrels. The preferred name of Bob Dylan, “Tennessee Whiskey” is actually a classification for Straight Bourbon made and distilled in Tennessee (like this one!). A variation of the brand’s signature blend, the Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey, this expression gets its name due to the return to the barrel, or ‘rested’ period.

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