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Elmer T.Lee Single Barrel Bourbon

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Elmer T. Lee single barrel was the first single barrel bourbon introduced by a distiller, this whiskey is named for the legendary man who created it.

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Buy Elmer T.Lee Single Barrel Bourbon Online for sale.

Buy Elmer T.Lee Single Barrel Bourbon, one of the outstanding distillers and an American icon who left this world. This commemorative bottle can pay homage to a person who made many great contributions to Bourbon. Buffalo Trace still pays homage to him by producing the Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon. Elmer T. Lee became a master distiller, and his namesake single-barrel bourbon is the hallmark of the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Only casks that meet Elmer Lee’s maximum requirements are hand-decided on and bottled as Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon. One sip of this scrumptious whiskey makes it easy to see why it’s one of the most coveted bourbons in the United States. Toast an absolute legend, if you wish.

History and Taste

With its smooth and mellow flavors, Elmer’s full-bodied taste has become a signature of excellence among Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys.

Elmer T. Lee is not just any old man—he’s ninety. A legend within the Bourbon world, he’s Buffalo Trace’s Emeritus Master Distiller. He became the person who reintroduced single-barrel bourbon to the international market, and now his name is related to this award-prevailing bourbon through Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel.

Brenner himself. As many fans recognize, a Single Barrel Release, or ETL, is bottled at ninety proof from a single cask handpicked through the grasp. It’s ripe and smooth, presenting conventional vanilla and caramel flavors with hints of cocoa. Elmer T. Lee, as Master Distiller of this whiskey, selects the excellent casks at Rick House for bottling as part of the Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project.

Elmer T. Lee: orange peel, honeycomb, and caramel corn taste notes. Lee, Elmer T. Elmer T. Lee, master distiller of Buffalo Trace, is the inspiration for the brand’s single-barrel bourbon, a World War II veteran and father of single barrel bottling. Lee labored in the distillery for over four years and persisted in picking out casks after his retirement.
He died lately, yet his legacy is worth telling. Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon won gold at the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and many others. This 90-proof whiskey is also bottled.

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1 review for Elmer T.Lee Single Barrel Bourbon

  1. Edjango

    Lovely nose- excellent palate from the tip of the tongue to the back end. Finish is fine but leaves a bit to be desired. A very good BT product but short of Weller A107 or Full Proof in my opinion.

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