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Pappy 15 years Van Winkle

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Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve is aged a minimum of 15 years and bottled at 90.4 proof. The taste is complex and subtle, with oaky aromas and hints of vanilla and caramel.

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Buy Pappy 15 years Van Winkle, we’re recognized to share a bottle of Pappy 15 years Van Winkle Rye with you. This award-winning whiskey is ripened in charred white oak barrels for over 15 years.

This rare and prized rye is bottled at 45.2% alcohol by volume, firstly with irresistible aromas of sweet spices. For instance cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove; with a slightly smoky undertone.

The notes of candle wax and honeyed-maple coat the tongue. It’s surprisingly smooth on the palate, with a lingering tingle that begs for another sip.

The Antique Barrel Finished Van Winkle 15 Year has the same thoroughly matured corn mash bill. In addition to the rye and barley found in the regular Old Rip Van Winkle 15 Year. On the nose, these barrels impart notes of buttery rum and vanilla, as well as a subtle hint of spice.

The finish is very soft, clean, and silky. Antique Barrel Finished Van Winkle 15 Year has a beautiful deep mahogany color. Give a drink of their own with this Van Winkle Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey.

The Van Winkle family has released a new version of their Pappy 15 years Van Winkle Old whiskey. To commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary, the aging process will be extended even further. It’s smooth and mellow, with melon and pear notes and a hint of butterscotch and peppermint.

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2 reviews for Pappy 15 years Van Winkle

  1. John Paul Jones

    The distinctive smell of spread and rum no consume from the high ABV on the button or sense of taste. While it is worth 5 stars on taste and introduction, it could never spend the going rate on a container of it.

  2. Paul Kanye

    A treasure. Initially did not want to open the bottle; just wanted to gaze and dream about. Realty hit, opened the bottle… Never drank anything that was as smooth and full of decipherable complication as Pappy 15

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