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Blanton Straight From Barrel

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Blanton’s Straight From Barrel has the same nose and flavor profile as the regular issue Blanton’s Single Barrel. The difference is it is bottled at barrel-entry proof, without chill filtration.

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Buy Blanton Straight From Barrel, bourbon is bottle directly from the barrel at 131.2 proof. Aging in the center cut or middle sections of Warehouses I, K and P imparts a unique flavor that sets Blanton’s apart from other premium bourbons.

Is it whiskey without an “e”? Is it whisky with no “e?” Either way, this is one that makes you proud to be a whiskey drinker. The Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel started life in a charred oak barrel and ended up in your glass.

It was walked out of its barrel at near-freezing temperatures and inhaled like sauna air. So it’s only fair we get to taste exactly what went into that bottle. Save yourself the walk and pour yourself another tasting of this masterpiece with two more bottles of the Blanton’s Straight from Barrel Single Barrel Bourbon.

Blanton Straight From Barrel Bourbon is bottle directly from each individual barrel at minimum barrel proof. The proof varies from barrel to barrel but is usually between 115 and 130 proof. The result is an even richer, fruitier character than the single barrel.

Each bottle is label with its own unique bottle number, rick number, and warehouse letter, designating its very specific location in the barrel house.

Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel was first offered in Japan and has since been available in select American airports. It is bottle directly from the barrel of Blanton’s at cask strength, which is about 130 proof.

See the back label for detailed tasting notes and production information on your exact barrel of Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel.

Straight From the Barrel provides a full-bodied, intense flavor. Compared to Blanton’s Original Single Barrel, this expression offers a higher-proof taste experience with plenty of rich dried fruit, coupled with notes of honey and caramel.

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1 review for Blanton Straight From Barrel

  1. Evans

    An absolute masterpiece! This whiskey flawlessly combines tradition and innovation, resulting in a truly remarkable creation. It not only pays homage to the classics but also fearlessly pushes boundaries with its unparalleled flavor profile. Prepare to be amazed, for this whiskey is a resounding triumph!

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