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Elmer T.Lee Single Barrel


Elmer T. Lee single barrel was the first single barrel bourbon introduced by a distiller, this whiskey is named for the legendary man who created it. With its smooth and mellow flavors, Elmer’s full-bodied taste has become a signature of excellence among Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys.

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Only barrels that meet the very high standards of Elmer lee are hand picked and bottled as Elmer T.Lee Single Barrel Bourbon. One sip of this delicious whiskey will make it easy to understand why it is one of the most sought after bourbons in America. Toast to a true legend any way you like.

Elmer T. Lee isn’t just any 90-year-old man. He’s a legend in the bourbon world, and Buffalo Trace’s master distiller emeritus. In fact, he was the man who reintroduced Single Barrel bourbon to the world, and now his name is attached to this award winning bourbon by way of Elmer T.Lee Single Barrel.

Elmer T. Lee, one of the great distillers and an American icon, left this world in 2013. This commemorative bottle is a tribute to a man whose contributions to bourbon were many and great. Today, Buffalo Trace continues to honor his memory through the Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel bourbon.

Elmer T. Lee was a distiller’s distiller, and his eponymous Single Barrel bourbon is the hallmark of Buffalo Trace Distillery. A single barrel release, ETL as it’s known among its many fans is bottled at 90 proof from a single barrel hand selected by the master distiller himself. It’s mature and mellow, offering classic flavors of vanilla and caramel with notes of cocoa.

Elmer T. Lee, as Master Distiller for this whiskey, hand selects the finest barrels in the rick house for bottling as Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project. Taste notes of orange zest, honeycomb and caramel corn.

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