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Westland American Single Malt

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Westland American Single Malt Whiskey showcases the enormous potential of American single malt and its deep relationship to the Pacific Northwest. The Mosaic hop varietal is featured in this whiskey and lends pronounced aromas of blueberry, papaya, and citrus.

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Buy Westland American Single Malt, is made with local ingredients, traditional techniques, and a unique spirit. Each release showcases an innovative idea that is encourage by a different classic cocktail.

Westland American Oak’s distinct tastes are derived from roasted malts inspired by Pacific Northwest beer culture. This single malt from the United States contains flavors of rich fruit, rainier cherries, dark chocolate, and coffee.

The core of our portfolio, Westland American Single Malt showcases the full depth and range of what this barley-based spirit can be.

Properties & Taste

Westland American SingleMalt Whiskey is the first release from Seattle-based Westland Distillery. It is prepared with 100% malt extract, much of which has been scorched and thoroughly toasted in Scottish fashion.

This whiskey is season in custom charred oak barrels after fermentation and distillation. Westland American Single Malt Whiskey (46% ABV) is raw.

Westland American Single Malt is lush and complex. The distillate peacefully mingles in micro-seasoned barrels to produce a single malt that’s fruity, flowery, and filled with character.

Our American Single Malt Whiskey is a unique expression of the American distilling tradition. This whiskey is level, complex, and flavorful with a smooth finish.

The unique flavors in this flagship whiskey, Westland American Oak, decide from roasted malts inspired by Pacific Northwest beer culture. This American single malt has notes of rich fruit, stormy cherries, dark chocolate, and coffee.

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