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Col E.H Taylor Single Barrel

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Colonel E. H. Taylor is widely regarded as the father of the modern bourbon industry, founding numerous distilleries, including Buffalo Trace.

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Buy Col E.H Taylor Single Barrel Online for sale.

Buy Col E.H Taylor Single Barrel, is a whiskey conventionally barreling elderly, giving it a sturdy taste that is right to revel in neat or upload to cocktails. Colonel E. H Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon is produce at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, and bottle at 50V.

Buffalo Trace Distillery, making whiskey because 1856, produces Col E. H Taylor Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It is one of the maximum well-known bourbons withinside the world, with several awards for its delicate flavor.

In the coronary heart of Kentucky, Col E.H Taylor Single Barrel Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is cautiously compose and uncompromisingly elderly. It differs from different whiskeys in its essence of being produce by a distiller who has visible it first hand: Colonel Taylor’s whiskey in each sense.

History & Flavor

Col E.H Taylor Single is a new edition of E.H. Taylor, Jr. The iconic Warehouse C Tornado Surviving Whiskey. Is a top-rate unaged whiskey settle on from the warehouses of Buffalo Trace, just like Colonel E.H Taylor Small Batch? It is kept at cask strength.

Buffalo Trace Distillery’s first new whiskey emblem is Col E.H Taylor Single Barrel. It’s no longer a small batch of bourbon, and it is conveniently produce in a single proof; ninety-four casks are store at 50proofs each week (a hundred guarantee).

However, every bottle is squeeze from an available whiskey cask, making an allowance for versions inside every batch. Col E. H Taylor Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has been elderly in casks for a minimum of eight years, although a few bottles had been elderly for up to 20 years.

The aging manner offers this bourbon a deep taste like no different you have ever tasted! The aroma of this bourbon is fantastic, with pointers of caramel, vanilla, and oak. The flavor is smooth, with loads of honey and tobacco on the palate. And a highly spiced end that lingers long after the final drink!

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3 reviews for Col E.H Taylor Single Barrel

  1. Serge Emmanuel

    Nose has notes of honey and vanilla. Palate is spicy with notes of ground pepper, oak, and campfire. Finishes with caramel. Pairs nicely with Muddy Waters Live at Newport 1960.

  2. Dana

    An exceptional discovery! This whiskey, although not yet widely recognized, truly deserves all the appreciation it can receive. It is a hidden gem that amazes with its extraordinary depth and captivating complexity.

  3. Ryan

    Smooth, rich, and full-bodied, this exquisite whiskey boasts an impeccable balance of flavors that dance harmoniously on the palate

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