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Blue Run Straight Golden Rye Whiskey


Blue Run Straight Golden Rye Whiskey is a handcrafted, premium whiskey made in small batches at one of the first craft distilleries to open in Maryland. There is bacon in this rye! Smoky and spicy, with a strong rye finish.

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True to its heritage as a farmer’s product, Blue Run Straight Golden Rye is made from the grain of rye that has been grown and bottled in Virginia. Bolstered by a deeper flavor profile, this fiery spirit is also aged for 3 years in charred oak barrels for added mellowness and complexity.

This bourbon whiskey is made with quality rye from Canada and the Mid-west which is distilled in copper pot stills. Filtration through maple charcoal & has a 90 proof spicy palate of vanilla, nutmeg and caramel.

This Golden Rye is distilled in Indiana, then aged for 6 years in a mix of new and used American oak casks. The whiskey has aromas of honeyed fruit, baking spices, and citrus peel. It is complex on the palate with notes of burnt orange, smoke and charred oak alongside darker flavors of caramel and clover honey.

Blue Run of Middle Island Straight Golden Rye Whiskey is made from high quality rye, grown locally in the Finger Lakes region. We use a small custom batching process and a vintage pot still to create a golden rye whiskey with rich notes of spice, dried fruit and honeysuckle.

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