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Old Fitzgerald 15 Years

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A “wheated” bourbon, Old Fitzgerald 15-Year-Old Larceny is made with wheat instead of rye as the secondary grain. Regular mashbill of corn, malted barley, and wheat.

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Buy Old Fitzgerald 15 Years Online.

Buy Old Fitzgerald 15 years, is the top-selling premium bonded Bourbon in the world. The final product is the culmination of award-winning distillers and master blenders. Old Fitzgerald 15 years old is a great addition to any whiskey collection.

Old Fitzgerald 15Years old Bourbon is store for fifteen years in hand-selected barrels. Aged for a full fifteen years, this whiskey was distilled at the legendary Stitzel-Weller Distillery and bottled by Bernheim Original.

Packed in an elaborate decanter inspired by an original 1950’s Old Fitzgerald diamond decanter, the series honors both the Old Fitzgerald legacy and the famous Bottled-in-Bond label. The Old Fitzgerald brand is well-known for its distilling history, as it was first registered in 1884 by S.C. Herbst and was later sold to Julian P. “Pappy” Van Winkle during Prohibition.

Pappy relocated Old Fitz production to his distillery, where it became the first outstanding Wheated Bourbon. Heaven Hill purchased the Old Fitzgerald trademark in 1999 and began producing it at the Bernheim Distillery in Louisville.

Most importantly, it is smoother and more flavorful in a rack house than other variations of the Old Fitzgerald line. For over three generations, Fitzgerald has achieved a reputation as one of America’s finest distillers of authentic Bourbon Whiskey.

The 15 Year Old is reserve for those with refined tastes who appreciate the subtle richness that only time can impart to this one-of-a-kind Bourbon Whiskey.

Most importantly, it has combined rare aged stocks of bourbon gathered from across the country over many years to create this limited edition bottling. It has a deep golden color, a medium body, and a long finish.

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1 review for Old Fitzgerald 15 Years

  1. Bill Holder

    Scintillating, well and truly the finest Kentucky whiskey I have in my cabinet. Divine is an understatement

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