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Old Fitzgerald 13 Years

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Old Fitzgerald is a wheated Bourbon that ages in special 2-story stone warehouses and is one of Heaven Hill Distillery’s longest aged whiskey offerings. Vanilla, oak, soft fruit, and honey are all present.

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Buy Old Fitzgerald 13 Years, this bonded whiskey is from the early days of rack houses and brick houses. Above all, they are stored barrels that were truly aging.

Old Fitzgerald 13Years Distillery’s Master Distiller, Parker Beam, selected a special selection of barrels, each aged 13 years, to create this smooth elegant beauty. The alcohol content is 86.8 proof and is only available in limited quantities.

The spring edition is package in an elegant decanter and features a green label that will be consistent across all spring releases. The tax strip on this edition’s Drinkable items will, as in previous editions, disclose when the liquid was produce and bottle.

The Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond Decanter Series Spring Edition will be restricted to 750ml bottles. It meets all of the stringent requirements for a drinkable whiskey, including being produce by a single distillery during a single distillation season, maturing for at least four years, and is bottle at 100 proof or 50% alcohol by volume.

The Spring 2019 version of the Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Decanter Series is release by Heaven Hill Distillery. The third release, comprised of barrels made in September of 2005 and bottled in February 2019. Meanwhile brings in the latest signature series to the Bottled-in-Bond history.

Properties & Taste

Aged in white oak barrels for 13 years, the bourbon has rich notes of caramel, citrus, and vanilla. Therefore making it perfect for when you need an extra smooth sip.

A reputable bottle for anyone looking for a cutting-edge Kentucky Bourbon. Features an aroma of musty leather, vanilla, and dried fruit. Tastes slightly sweet, with hints of brown sugar and cinnamon.

One of the longest-aged whiskey offerings from Heaven Hill Distillery, Old Fitzgerald is a wheated Bourbon, and ages in special 2-story stone warehouses. Vanilla, oak, soft fruit, and honey.

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2 reviews for Old Fitzgerald 13 Years

  1. Carolyn

    A rich finish offers honey, chocolate, almond, toasted oak, and a hint of cigar. A pleasurable progression of flavors. Collectible

  2. Erica

    Indulging in this exquisite whiskey is an unparalleled sensory experience. The mere aroma has the power to captivate, leaving one in a state of blissful enchantment.

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