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Old Forrester Birthday


Old Forester is America’s first bottled bourbon, making it truly original. The brand celebrates the signature of its founder, George Garvin Brown, who sealed each bottle of Old Forester by hand. This exceptional blend of perfectly aged whiskies has a distinctive rich and complex character with a remarkably smooth finish.

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Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon represents a memorable birthday gift to those who knew and loved brown-forman founder George Garvin Brown. In his memory and in the tradition of handcrafted spirits, this bourbon was created to celebrate a lifetime of innovation and achievement. The Quality Distilled and Bottled by Old forrester Distilling Company Louisville, Ky. 45% alcohol by volume (90 proof)

Bottled once a year on the birthday of its founder George Garvin Brown, Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon is made from a version of the original recipe used in 1870. With hints of rich oak, dark fruit, and sweet vanilla, this whiskey offers reminders of ingredients once found in Brown’s pharmacy, when he first mixed whisky with purified water and sugar to create Old Forester in 1870. Notes of rich oak and vanilla are followed by hints of dark fruit that lead to a long and warm finish. Dense oak notes that build with each sip, creating a long and warm finish.

It is well-known that George Garvin Brown, Old Forester’s founder, was committed to honoring a longstanding tradition of quality and consistency. True to his word, the 147 barrels of whiskey selected for the first batch of Birthday Bourbon represent the passion and craftsmanship that went into creating this timeless ature offering each year.

Old Forrester Bourbon Whiskey was first created in 1870 as the “The Original”, making it the longest running bourbon brand on the market. Masterfully crafted from a time-honored recipe, this unique bourbon is specially aged for a full decade before bottling at 90 proof. The result is a distinct and flavorful bourbon with rich notes of oak and dark fruit, complemented by traces of spice and vanilla. Sip straight or add to an old fashioned to elevate the flavor of your favorite cocktail. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind bourbon by the glass or add it to an Old Fashioned to elevate the flavor of your favorite cocktail

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