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Booker’s Small Batch Whiskey


Mellow, smoky bourbon. Rich, deep and intense aromas with hints of oak and vanilla. The palate is round and robust with a hint of ripe fruit and nuts. The finish is long and warming.

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Buy Booker’s Small Batch Whiskey, which is a true trademark of honor. It’s a handwrought( occasionally appertained to as” craft”) bourbon made by me, Booker Noe, in small batches.

Booker’s Bourbon is one of the many truly handwrought, small-batch bourbons available anywhere in the world. Bottled at its natural evidence of between 121 and 127 and pressed from named barrels ripened up to 8 years, it’s the portrayal of a big, bold bourbon.

For Instance, let the whiskey breathe and develop its full character before going into each bottle. That’s why you say it with pride, and drink it with satisfaction.

Since Booker had an abiding passion for straight-from-the-barrel bourbon, he had his employees taste the whiskey at intervals of each aging cycle until it reached the peak of maturity.

Properties & Taste

It was then put into casks just for him and carefully tended until he felt it was ready for bottling. Each batch has a unique flavor profile, which makes every bottle of Bookers a special experience.

Handcrafted by Bourbon legend Booker Noe- Jim Beam’s grandson- the sensuous flavor hits like a ton of flavourful bricks. Deep amber in color with loads of vanilla on the nose.

The palate is full and rich with hints of tobacco, fruit, and aromas that lead to a blazingly lengthy conclusion. You will enjoy experiencing memos of vanilla and oak with subtle hints of caramel and spice.

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