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Buffalo Trace Experimental


Official mash bill is unknown, but it is assumed to be the traditional mash bill of Buffalo Trace. Distilled in a single column and matured on the 4th floor of Warehouse K in Stagg Jr. barrels.

A blend of rye, malt and corn whiskies, this single barrel release was aged for nine years in Stitzel-Weller Warehouse D.

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Made by Buffalo Trace Distillery, Experimental Whisky is a unique and limited release that grows more complex with each sip. It’s made using green malt, which is malted barley that hasn’t been dried yet, resulting in a sweeter flavor profile. The mash bill of corn and malts gives each sip notes of oak and vanilla, while the rye grains bring subtle hints of pepper and spice to balance the profile.

Hand bottled, labeled and packed, Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection whiskeys are available nationwide to retailers and consumers with only one bottle per customer. The distillery encourages all collectors to write their tasting notes for the experiments to see how these batches change over the years.

The Collection was created to allow Buffalo Trace Distillery to explore new techniques and barrel types for aging whiskey. Each release is small and targeted at a specific set of experiments.

This barrel proof, uncut, and unfiltered whiskey is bottled at its most natural state. Each batch is carefully selected by our tasting panel for its unique characteristics. This offering includes a range of mash bills to give whiskey drinkers the opportunity to sample differences in grain recipes. In time, as the series grows, each unique recipe will become part of a larger Buffalo Trace collection for comparison.

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