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Macallan 18 year Sherry Oak

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The Macallan 18 years old Sherry Oak is a distinctive single malt whisky, with character, color, and aroma derived mainly from the quality of the oak casks and their unique ability to impart flavor to the spirit.

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Buy Macallan 18 year Sherry Oak is a rich, characterful whisky aged in Spanish sherry oak casks. Macallan applies very stringent tasting note standards to each barrel individually. A symphony of fruity sherry, exquisite oak, and The Macallan’s trademark deep spice.

18-year-old Macallan Sherry Oak was first introduced to the travel retail market. A highly sherried style matured only in casks from jerez, spain sherry-seasoned oak barrels. The sweet taste of sultanas and raisins on the palate after inhaling the rich aroma of Christmas cake and dried fruit. In addition, there is treacle toffee, orange zest, and a silky finish with overlaid Sherry Oak.

Macallan 18-year-old Sherry Oak takes its rich color from the traditional European oak casks, which previously held sherry of the highest quality. This is the oldest expression in our range, crafted from exceptional single casks hand-picked by our whisky makers.

This beautiful whisky’s natural color and scent are extraordinarily rich, with hints of dried fruits, spice, and chocolate orange matched by a subtle oak flavor. The finish is long and gently warming, making the Macallan 18 the ideal after-dinner and easy to drink.

At least eighteen years in Spanish sherry-seasoned oak casks; 43% ABV; distilled at Craigellachie Distillery in Speyside, Scotland; 70cl bottle. Each year, only a few thousand casks are available for maturing this luxury single-malt Scotch whisky. These rare and precious casks are used again and again over many generations, which is worth the price.

The sherry oak casks that currently age Macallan’s 18 come from the Jerez region of Spain; this labor-intensive method yields a single malt of exceptional quality, rich with complexity and depth.

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3 reviews for Macallan 18 year Sherry Oak

  1. Perry Larry

    I’ve tried dozens of bottles from a wide variety of distilleries. Once I’d come across The Macallan 18 year old…. Good God in Heaven…I have found my drink!! IMO, this is absolutely the apex predator in the single malt world! Definitely buy this for that special occasion, and if you can handle the price point, make this scotch your go-to scotch!
    Yes,I recommend this product.

  2. Manuel

    I love the Macallan. I got my first one when I was in high school. I’ve had my Macallan since then, and I’ve had the privilege of drinking a lot of Macallan over the years. I’ve had a lot of Macallan, and I’ve had some good Macallan, but I’ve never had a Macallan that was even close to as good as my Macallan 18 year Sherry Oak.

  3. Tony

    Each sip reveals an explosion of flavors that dance on the palate, creating an unforgettable experience that lingers long after the glass is empty.

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