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Christmas Bourbon Cocktails
Christmas Bourbon Cocktails

Christmas Bourbon Cocktails

1. Introduction to Christmas Bourbon Cocktails

The Christmas season has arrived, and what better way to celebrate than with tasty and festive Christmas Bourbon Cocktails? If you enjoy bourbon, you’re in for a treat because we’re about to delve into the delightful world of Christmas bourbon drinks. This lively libation has a long history and is especially meaningful during Christmas. So, grab a bottle of your favorite bourbon and join us on this drunken trip!

1.1 A Brief History of Bourbon

Before we get to the cocktails, let’s go back in time to learn about the history of bourbon. Bourbon, America’s original spirit, was born in Kentucky in the late 18th century. It gets its distinct flavor from being distilled mostly from corn and aged in charred oak barrels. This amber elixir swiftly acquired popularity and became a cultural mainstay in the United States.

1.2 The Significance of Bourbon in Christmas Cocktails

Bourbon’s warm and robust aromas make it a great base for producing delectable holiday drinks. Its smoothness and adaptability allow it to combine perfectly with other seasonal components, increasing the festive spirit of your beverages. Whether sipping by the fire or pouring drinks at a Christmas party, bourbon cocktails will add cheer and merriment to your festivities.

Christmas Bourbon Cocktails

2. Classic Bourbon-based Christmas Cocktails

Now that we’ve covered the history of whiskey and its connection to the holiday season, let’s look at some traditional bourbon-based Christmas cocktails. These classic cocktails have withstood the test of time and remain popular among cocktail connoisseurs year after year.

2.1 The Old Fashioned: A Timeless Christmas Favorite

The Old Fashioned is a traditional cocktail that perfectly captures the holiday atmosphere. It’s a drink that never goes out of style, with its basic yet complex combination of bourbon, sugar, bitters, and a citrus twist. Drinking an Old Fashioned is like covering oneself with a warm blanket of Christmas memories.

An Old Fashioned is a true classic cocktail. Make it with rye whiskey, sugar, Angostura bitters,
– 2 ounces of bourbon or rye whiskey
-1/4 ounce simple syrup
-2 dashes of Angostura bitters
-Orange peel or Luxardo -cherry, for garnish (optional)


Christmas Bourbon Cocktails (The Manhattan: Sophisticated Elegance)

2.2 The Manhattan: Sophisticated Elegance for the Holidays

The Manhattan is an excellent choice for people seeking a touch of sophistication over the holiday season. This sophisticated cocktail combines bourbon, sweet vermouth, and aromatic bitters for a sophisticated taste. The Manhattan, served in a chilled glass with a maraschino cherry garnish, adds a touch of refinement to any Christmas event.

One of the oldest cocktail recipes, this Classic Manhattan Cocktail is made with just 3 ingredients …
*2 ounces rye whiskey
*3/4 ounce sweet vermouth
*dash of angostura bitters
*Luxardo cherry (, for garnish)

2.3 The Whiskey Sour: Tangy and Refreshing Christmas Delight

Look no further than the Whiskey Sour for a tart and refreshing drink. This drink is a zesty pleasure made with bourbon, fresh lemon juice, and a hint of sweetness from simple syrup. For an added festive touch, serve it over ice and garnish with a cherry or a twist of lemon peel.

One of the most iconic sours, the Whisky Sour originated sometime in the late 1800s and remained …
*2 oz (60 ml) bourbon
*3/4 oz (22 ml) fresh lemon juice
*3/4 oz (22 ml) simple syrup
*2 dashes of Angostura bitters
*Lemon twist & brandied cherry, to garnish

3. Festive Twists on Traditional Bourbon Drinks

Let’s put a festive spin on traditional bourbon beverages now that we’ve examined the basics. These inventive variations will elevate your Christmas cocktails to the next level of festive pleasure.

3.1 Spiced Bourbon Eggnog: A Festive and Creamy Delight

Eggnog is a beloved holiday ritual, and adding a touch of bourbon elevates it to new heights. This spiced bourbon eggnog, infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, is a decadent and festive treat that will have you saying, “Cheers to the holidays!

Perfect whiskey cocktail for the holidays holidays
*1 oz bourbon (or whiskey or rye)
*1.5 oz Amaretto Fill eggnog
*Dash nutmeg (optional)
*Garnish cinnamon, cinnamon sticks & maraschino cherries

3.2 Cranberry Bourbon Smash: Tangy and Refreshing Twist

Give your taste buds a tangy and refreshing treat with a cranberry bourbon smash. Muddled cranberries, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, a touch of maple syrup, and bourbon come together to create a drink that’s both vibrant in flavor and visually stunning. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint for that extra Christmas touch!

This Cranberry Bourbon Smash is sure to be a hit this holiday season. Finished with a bubbly …
*2 oz bourbon
*1 oz lemon juice
*2 oz cranberry puree
*0.25 oz rosemary syrup (substitute simple syrup)
*2 dashes orange bitters


Christmas Bourbon Cocktails

3.3 Cinnamon Maple Bourbon Punch: Warm and Cozy Christmas Blend

Eggnog is a beloved holiday ritual, and adding a touch of bourbon elevates it to new heights. This spiced bourbon eggnog, infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, is a decadent and festive treat that will have you saying, “Cheers to the holidays!”

Meet the best whiskey sour recipe—it’s full of bourbon and fresh lemon, sweetened with maple syrup …
*1 1/2 ounces (3 tablespoons) Bulleit bourbon or your bourbon of choice
*1 ounce (2 tablespoons) fresh lemon juice
*2 to 4 teaspoons maple syrup, to taste (I like 3 teaspoons, which is the equivalent of 1/2 ounce or 1 tablespoon)
*Pinch of ground cinnamon, optional

4. Creative Bourbon Infusions for Christmas

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take your bourbon cocktails to the next level, try experimenting with creative bourbon infusions. These homemade creations add unique flavors and personal touches to your Christmas libations.

4.1 Vanilla-infused Bourbon: Adding Sweet and Smooth Flavors

Infuse your bourbon with the warm and sweet notes of vanilla by adding a few vanilla beans to a bottle of bourbon and letting it sit for a few weeks. The result is a smooth and luscious bourbon that pairs beautifully with your favorite Christmas cocktails.

Vanilla-infused Old Fashioned bourbon is our take on a classic cocktail from the 1930s but with the …
*8 ounces of your favorite Bourbon
*2 vanilla beans split (any variety)
*1 8.5-ounce swing-top clear glass bottle
*1 teaspoon superfine sugar
*2 dashes of Angostura bitters

4.2 Berry-Infused Bourbon: Bursting with Fruity Christmas Notes

Infuse bourbon with your favorite berries to bring a blast of fruity Christmas happiness to your cocktails. Whether it’s strawberries, raspberries, or even cranberries, let them mingle with bourbon for a few days to make a wonderful infusion that adds a lively pop to your beverages.

fresh blackberries, lemon juice, and thyme-infused simple syrup are combined with bourbon for this …
*4 blackberries (fresh)
*2 oz. thyme-infused simple syrup (see ‘notes’ for directions)
*1 oz. fresh lemon juice
*3 oz. bourbon (I used a rye)
*crushed ice

Christmas Bourbon Cocktails (Spicy Jalapeño-Infused Bourbon)

4.3 Spicy Jalapeño-Infused Bourbon: Adding a Fiery Kick to Cocktails

If you enjoy a little spice in your cocktails, consider infusing bourbon with jalapeno peppers. Simply slice a few jalapenos and soak them in bourbon for a few days. The end product is a spicy and smoky bourbon that will give your Christmas cocktails a scorching edge. Just be prepared for some extra heat!

This fiery bourbon craft cocktail packs a kick! Made with homemade jalapeño-infused bourbon and …
*3/4 ounce jalapeño-infused bourbon
*1½ ounces simple syrup
*1½ ounces fresh lime juice
*3/4 ounce water
*ice cubes

You may personalize your Christmas drinks and surprise your visitors with your mixology talents by using these inventive bourbon infusions. Also, you can get cheap houseplants to decorate your home and have an amazing look, check out the
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So, as you gather with loved ones this holiday season, hoist a glass of a delectable Christmas bourbon cocktail, toast to the festive festivities, and taste the warmth and cheer that this lively libation delivers. Cheers to a bourbon-filled holiday season!


1. Can I substitute bourbon with another type of whiskey in these cocktails?

Yes, you can experiment with other types of whiskey if you choose. However, keep in mind that bourbon has distinct aromas and properties that lend themselves well to Christmas cocktails. It's worth attempting the recipes as written, but feel free to tweak them to your liking.

2. Are there any non-alcoholic alternatives for bourbon cocktails?

Absolutely! We appreciate that not everyone drinks alcohol, and that some guests prefer non-alcoholic beverages. We've added a section in this article with non-alcoholic alternatives to Christmas bourbon drinks. Without the alcohol, these mocktail recipes provide a similar flavor profile and celebratory experience.

3. Can I make these cocktails in advance for a holiday gathering?

Certainly! Some drinks can be prepared ahead of time, while others may necessitate some last-minute work. To assist ease your holiday hosting, we've included advice and suggestions for batch drinks that may be prepared ahead of time. Furthermore, certain infusions, such as vanilla or berry-infused bourbon, can be produced ahead of time, allowing you to quickly make drinks when needed.

4. What are some recommended food pairings for these bourbon cocktails?

The correct food to go with your bourbon drinks can improve the overall experience. We share insights and suggestions for food pairings that enhance the flavors of the cocktails in the section on bourbon cocktails for Christmas parties and gatherings. There are numerous alternatives for creating a harmonious match and delighting your guests, ranging from savory appetizers to scrumptious desserts.

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