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Old Fitzgerald 11Years


Aged for 11 years, this bourbon was selected by distiller Al Young and master taster Jackie Zykan at the peak of its smooth flavor. Its aromas of sweet vanilla and browned butter are intriguing and complex. Its flavors of toasted nut, almond and beans give way to a smooth finish.

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Old Fitzgerald 11Years old bourbon – A 1995 edition of this classic mid-1880s wheated bourbon. Old Fitzgerald has been produced at the historic Stitzel-Weller distillery by master distillers, Julian P. and Alvan B. Van Winkle, Lawrenceburg Distillers of Indiana. After a period of very limited availability, in 2012 the brand was acquired by Heaven Hill Distilleries who purchased and released 11 year old gift shop exclusives from their inventory, bringing them to the broader whiskey drinking community for the first time.

Old Fitzgerald 11Years old is a rare 11-year-old, fully matured sour mash whiskey produced at the legendary Stitzel-Weller distillery in Shively, Kentucky. This finely aged bourbon has been aged to peak flavor in heavily charred oak barrels.  Old Fitzgerald began as a wheated bourbon produced by renowned distiller W L Weller and Sons for the Stitzel distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. This particular expression has been aged for 11 years and is bottled at 43%.

11 Year Old Bottled in Bond: The Original Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 was created with the intent of protecting bourbon drinkers from inferior (and sometimes dangerous) whiskey. To meet the high standards of the act, distillers had to age their bourbon in new, charred oak barrels at a federally bonded warehouse – untouched by human hands – for at least 4 years, and then bottled it all at 100 proof. As a tribute to this classic expression, we started with a unique mash bill that includes wheat as the secondary grain just like Stitzel-Weller’s Old Fitzgerald from the 1950s, and aged it in deeply charred white oak barrels to get a lush, creamy body and subtle notes of vanilla. Then we bottled it at 100 proof (50% alc./vol.) – the only proof allowed to be called “Straight Whiskey” under U.S. law – to ensure you get all of the true aromatic and flavor qualities of this rare and precious spirit.

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