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Elijah Craig 18 year Single Barrel Bourbon

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The 18-year-old Elijah Craig single has a deep amber color and complex oak, vanilla, and coconut notes. Elijah Craig 18 year Single Barrel is a 90 proof Bourbon that has a long and rich finish with hints of toasted caramel and charred oak.

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Buy Elijah Craig 18 year Single Barrel Bourbon Online for sale.

Buy Elijah Craig’s 18 year single barrel bourbon is sensory overload. The whisky was produce in 1994 to honor our founder and is a testament to his commitment to quality, from farming his grain to charring his barrels. Buy Elijah Craig 18 years of single Barrel Bourbon, and enjoy hints of dried fruit and barrel spice as a single.

Elijah Craig is known for their small, artisanal, and influential Whiskey batches. They are one of the most well-known whiskeys and bourbon brands.

Elijah Craig is now the only bourbon brand that ages for an entire 18 years. Moreover, this is an unusually long time in warm Kentucky, and the whiskey is deep amber. It has a reddish color, a striking nose and mouthfeel, and an exceptional finish.

Craig, Elijah Reverend Elijah Craig inspired the name Small Batch Bourbon. When he stored his wares in charred oak casks, he discovered the technique of making true Kentucky Bourbon.

Buy Heaven Hill Distilleries’ Elijah Craig 18 Years Old is a define edition also store in new, charred oak barrels for eighteen years.

History & Taste

This Elijah Craig expression is the pinnacle of the bourbon title, bottled only from the contents of a carefully selected cask. Kentucky’s Oldest Bourbon.

Elijah Craig’s 18 Year Old Single Cask is the oldest single-cask bourbon in the world. However, it is also store entirely from hand-selected casks by Master Distiller Parker Beam. Only a small percentage of Kentucky’s 1 million bourbon barrels were allowed and developed. The brand is also name after the Reverend Elijah Craig, who figured out how to make authentic Kentucky bourbon by aging his products in burnt casks. Brooms in the Whiskey Handbook

The mouth has a soft and creamy fruit with a balanced spicy spiciness.

An 18-year-old single barrel bourbon named for Elijah Craig, the 18th-century renegade reverend and whiskey distiller credited with inventing the technique of charring whiskey casks. Parker, Beam Master Distiller.

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2 reviews for Elijah Craig 18 year Single Barrel Bourbon

  1. Dean

    With a delightful, comforting finish that warms the soul, this remarkable whiskey is an absolute delight to savor. I find myself captivated by its allure, yearning to indulge in its splendor all night long. Purchasing from this online store was the best decision

  2. Phillips

    Incredibly smooth and velvety, this exquisite whiskey glides down the throat like a heavenly elixir. Its flavors dance in perfect harmony, creating a symphony of taste that is simply unparalleled

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