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Blanton’s Purple Label


Blanton’s Purple Label is a bourbon whiskey that is aged in charred oak barrels, giving it a rich, dark color and a sweet, oaky flavor.



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Blanton’s Purple Label is a bourbon whiskey from Buffalo Trace Distillery. It’s named for Col. Albert B. Blanton, who was the head distiller at the distillery for over 50 years. Blanton’s Purple Label is made in a similar way to the original Blanton’s: it’s distilled in-house at Buffalo Trace, age in charred white oak barrels and bottle at 90 proof (45% alcohol by volume). The label features a purple background with gold lettering and a purple ribbon on top of the bottle.

This bourbon has been hail as one of the most exceptional spirits on the market, earning recognition as one of the world’s best bourbons by numerous publications. Originally introduce in 1984, it continues to be crafted today by the esteemed Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky. This renown distillery is celebrated for its premium bourbons, such as the Blanton’s Gold Label and the Elmer T. Lee Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey.

Blanton’s Purple Label is a bourbon whiskey distilled by Buffalo Trace Distillery. It was created to honor Colonel Albert B. Blanton, who was the master distiller at the distillery in the 1940s and 1950s.

Taste and Properties

To ensure the utmost quality, the whiskey is then filter through a proprietary process that removes any impurities and leaves behind a remarkably smooth taste. The result is a truly exceptional whiskey that has been praise for its smoothness, sweetness, and fruity notes. With hints of honey, caramel, and vanilla, this whiskey is a true delight for the senses. Some even claim to detect subtle hints of plum or raisin in its aroma.

Blanton’s Purple Label is a rare and exclusive bourbon whiskey that has been meticulously age in oak barrels for a full 12 years. This exceptional whiskey is from  blend of corn, wheat, and barley, which imparts a unique and delightful sweetness to its flavor profile.


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