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Jamerson Reserve 18years


Jamerson Reserve 18 Years is one fine sipping Whiskey, aged in American Oak Barrels. Great to share with friends or a late evening when you just want to wind down. You’ll enjoy the smoothness, full of flavor of this product.

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Jump into a world where relaxation is abundant and friendships are deep-rooted. Where whiskies, bourbons, and scotches are sipped, not chugged. You can sip it on the rocks, but Jamerson Reserve 18years adds bold flavors to your collection that make enjoying it straight or neat a no-brainer. Pour yourself a single malt with loads of vanilla flavors and soft hints of peach, honeysuckle and banana, alongside more intense notes of charred oak.

Our longest-running, most storied limited release, Jamerson Reserve 18years is the ultimate expression of our craft. Aged a minimum of 18 years in new, charred American Oak barrels, this whiskey deftly balances vanilla and caramel-sweet oak notes with spices like cinnamon and toasted peppercorn.

The age on this whiskey means most of the rough edges are rounded off. Rich amber color; complex, deep aroma with drifts of warm caramel and vanilla mingling with dried cherries.

For hundreds of years, the only way to make whiskey properly was to detect its levels with a copper dip stick. We are proud to introduce you the modern version of that method.

Jamerson Reserve is aged in white oak barrels inside climate controlled warehouses and checked frequently to ensure they mature properly. Once they reach optimal maturity, they are bottled at a single distillation in small batches. The result is a smooth whiskey that truly represents the finest qualities of all 18 years whiskeys.

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