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Mitcher’s 25year Single Barrell


This 25 year old whiskey is a single barrel, cask-strength, small batch Kentucy straight bourbon from Michter with deep amber color, rich caramels and vanilla accents. Smooth and complex, this whiskey is aged to a precise 25 years. Single barrel means each bottle is different.

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Mitcher’s 25year Single Barrell is Distilled in America, this single barrel has not been diluted or reduced with water. Instead it remains at the proof in which it enters the barrel. The quality of fine whiskey depends on the small interesting variations that arise from barreling and aging in a warehouse. Mitcher’s 25year Single Barrell Whiskey is bottled exclusively from one aging barrel at a time. No two barrels are ever exactly alike.

Mitcher’s 25year Single Barrell is a rich, complex and exceptionally well balanced bourbon. Copper amber in color with a nose of caramel and dried apple, our 25 year bottling is an example of what careful maturation can achieve. A full bodied bourbon with smoky oak up front and subtle fruity notes. Hints of peach, dried apple, mango and pineapple yield to a palate of dried apricot, sweet cherry and almond.

A smooth middle gives way to long, lingering finish that begins spicy before becoming remarkably sweet. This harmonious yet massive flavored effort from Mitchers is the third release from their limited edition single barrel series. With each bottling coming from different barrels, each release will have its own unique flavors.

When you sit down to taste Michter’s 25Year Single Barrell , it’s not just another sip of whiskey. It is the culmination of an extraordinary project that took years to bring to completion. Beginning with thoughtfully selected barrels at their peak maturation, we invite experts and friends alike to join our Master Distiller on a journey to find the most well-rounded whiskey possible. Our barrel selections are made strictly by taste by a collaboration of palates and experiences in our quest to create America’s finest whiskeys.

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