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Blanton Single Barrel


Uniquely smooth and easy to drink. Blanton’s is the original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey. The taste profile is dry and moderately sweet, with notes of citrus and oak.

Very oaky on the palate with notes of toffee, vanilla, candy corn and holiday spices. Blanton’s Single Barrel has a lingering cinnamon finish.

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Blanton Single Barrel rich oak notes are at the forefront of this bourbon, with caramel and vanilla in support. A slight hint of leather, honey and green apple round out the profile. Blanton’s approachability makes it a go-to for both seasoned enthusiasts and those new to premium bourbon.

“Aromas of dark fruit, licorice and exotic spice with a rich dry-yet-fruity full body and a spicy cedar and peppery cinnamon sugared nut finish. A superbly flavorful top shelf whiskey that will be a hit in cocktails or straight.”

Blanton Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey. The only bourbon in the world backed by the dedicated efforts of one man, Elmer T. Lee. Blanton’s unique taste profile is the result of its production process, amongst other factors

Blanton’s is the first single barrel bourbon sold commercially. It was created by Elmer T. Lee, a Buffalo Trace Distillery employee, who retired in 1985 as Master Distiller Emeritus. Blanton’s is named after Colonel Albert Bacon Blanton, who was President of the distillery from 1921 to 1952.

This single barrel whiskey from Blanton’s Distillery in Kentucky is aged for at least 8 years and comes from a single barrel. The flavor profile is complex, with notes of cinnamon, caramel, toffee and dried fruit. The finish is smooth, with a slight touch of oak.


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