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Angel’s Envy Madeira Cask Finish Bourbon Whiskey

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This is the third release of Angel’s Envy Cellar Collection, a bourbon mix aged in carefully selected Madeira casks.

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Angel’s Envy Madeira Cask Finish Bourbon Whiskey indulges in the epitome of sophistication and refinement with the Angels Envy Cellar Collection’s third release. Inspired by the rich history and exquisite craftsmanship involved in the production of Madeira wine. The Henderson family embarked on a journey to the captivating island of Madeira in 2015.

Their purpose was to meticulously sample over 30 varieties of Madeira wine, with the sole aim of discovering the perfect Madeira wine casks for their highly anticipated third Cellar Collection release. This arduous quest’s outcome was the remarkable Angels Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Madeira Casks.

This exclusive limited-edition release represents a harmonious blend of carefully selected bourbons. In addition, each of these has been meticulously finish for a period of one year in the finest Madeira casks. Bottled at an impressive 100-proof, this exceptional creation promises an olfactory experience like no other. Prepare to be amaze by the enticing aromas of caramelized banana, luscious brown sugar, succulent raisins, and a hint of delicate almonds.

As you indulge in this extraordinary bourbon, your palate will be handle to a symphony of flavors. The presence of oak, reminiscent of the majestic forests, intertwines gracefully with subtle grass notes, evoking images of serene meadows. A delicate wisp of smoke dances playfully, while the essence of leather adds a touch of sophistication.

In conclusion, the Angels Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Madeira Casks is a testament to the Henderson family’s unwavering commitment to excellence. This meticulously crafted masterpiece encapsulates the essence of Madeira wine production, infusing it with the unparalleled artistry of Kentucky bourbon. Immerse yourself in the world of refined flavors and allow this extraordinary creation.

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1 review for Angel’s Envy Madeira Cask Finish Bourbon Whiskey

  1. Edwin Paul

    Bold and unforgettable, this whiskey leaves an indelible impression with its robust flavors and impeccable balance. It is a bottle that commands attention and rewards with every sip.

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